Our Missions and Initiatives achieve impact across conservation, applied research, knowledge exchange, technology development, ocean literacy, partner promotion and inspiring public engagement. Since launch in 2016, our highlights include:

Ocean protection

700,000 km2 of ocean protected.

Scientific leadership

Discovery of the largest new ecosystem found on Earth in decades, The Rariphotic Zone

Data leadership

The ocean data portal for science and conservation - OcToPUS

Education and Literacy

2 million young people participating in Submarine Stem

Technology Development

6 new subsea research and broadcasting technologies developed and deployed.

Global Engagement

5000+ broadcast features and 18000+ feature articles in 2019.

Award winning, live subsea factual series, newscasts and Presidential address

Brand Value

£88million Advertising Value Equivalency of media coverage in 2019


Bermuda, NW Atlantic, Seychelles, Comores, Weddell Sea (Antarctica)

[For full details, see Our Timeline]