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PRESS ROOM FOR FIRST DESCENT SEYCHELLES RESULTS NOVEMBER 2020 including press release, vnrs, b rolls and stills

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24.01.19 CTV: Unchartered waters: Scientists to explore Indian Ocean Depths

Washington Post 24th January 2019

Unchartered waters: Scientists to explore Indian Ocean Depths

Seattle Times 24th January 2019

Unchartered Waters: Scientists to explore Indian Ocean Depths

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Indian Ocean depths to be explored for the first time

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Scientists, submarines set sail to explore Indian Ocean

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Scientists prepare to explore unchartered waters of Indian Ocean

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Uncharted waters: Scientists to explore Indian Ocean depths

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Sky to broadcast first live TV News coverage of underwater world

Sky News 24th January 2019

Why do we need to explore the deep ocean

Seychelles News Agency, 26 October 2018

500 metres deep: UK scientists to explore Seychelles' oceanic depths

Teledyne Blog, 22 June 2018

Teledyne Marine and Nekton Agree Strategic Partnership

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We need greater protection for our oceans. We can’t let politics stand in the way

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Exploring a New ‘Zone’ of Deep-Sea Coral Life Hidden in Plain Sight

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Researchers Seek Industry's Data to Study the Oceans

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Diving the depths of maritime data

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Deeper Understanding: Exploring Ocean Potential with Nekton

Ouest-France, 15 May 2018

Plus de 100 nouvelles espèces marines découvertes

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Nekton's Launch of First Open-sourced Global Ocean Data Portal

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Deep-Sea Survey Makes an Astonishing Discovery: A Zone in Bermuda Contains 100 New Marine Species

PR Newswire, 14 May 2018

Nekton's Discovery of 100+ New Species Around Bermuda Confirms a New Zone in the Ocean

YAHOO Finance, 14 May 2018

Nekton's Discovery of 100+ New Species Around Bermuda Confirms a New Zone in the Ocean

ACROFAN, 14 May 2018

Nekton's Launch of First Open-sourced Global Ocean Data Portal

Futura Planete, 11 May 2018

Dans la « zone rariphotique », de nouvelles espèces marines découvertes

PanARMENIAN, 11 May 2018

New ocean layer discovered around Bermuda

Bernews, 11 May 2018

Minister On Deep Ocean Survey & Summit

Tomo News, 11 May 2018

Dozens of new marine life found in Bermuda's subsea 'twilight zone'

Geographical, 11 May 2018

New ocean layer discovered

Kicker Daily News, 10 May 2018

Scientists discover more than 100 new species in completely new ocean zone in Bermuda

The Telegraph, 10 May 2018

New species of coral found near Bermuda

The TeCake, 10 May 2018

Oxford scientist stunned to discover 100 “never-seen before” marine species near Bermuda Coast

Green Growing, 9 May 2018

Researchers Identify Over 100 New Species in a Deep-Sea Zone near Bermuda

Info Glitz, 9 May 2018

Ocean Zone discovered in Bermuda is home to 100 new marine species

NewsNation, 9 May 2018

Oxford scientists discover 'Rare Light Zone' near Bermuda with 100 New Marine Species

ValueWalk, 9 May 2018

‘Rare Light Zone’ Near Bermuda Houses 100 New Marine Species

Associated Press, 9 May 2018

Ocean explorers discover over a 100 new species

I4U News, 9 May 2018

New Ocean Zone Discovered In Bermuda With 100 New Marine Species

India Today, 9 May 2018

Oxford scientists discover a staggering 100 never-before-seen species off the Bermuda coast

International Business Times, 9 May 2018

Ocean Zone Discovered In Bermuda Is Home To 100 New Marine Species

Sunrise News, 9 May 2018

100 New Marine Species Discovered Off The Bermuda Coast

LatestLY, 9 May 2018

Ocean Zone Discovered in Bermuda: Territory is Home to over 100 New Species of Marine Life

MicroCap Observer, 9 May 2018

Nekton Exploration Found A New Ocean Zone In Bermuda Platform

9News, 8 May 2018

Rariphotic Zone: Scientists discover more than 100 new species underwater

Republic World, 8 May 2018

Ocean Zone Sheltering Over 100 New Species Found!

Daily Mail, 8 May 2018

Mysterious new ocean 'twilight zone' found 1,000ft below the ocean surface is home to 100 previously unknown species of marine life, 8 May 2018

100-Plus New Marine Species Discovered Around Bermuda

Tech Times, 8 May 2018

Deep Ocean Mission Discovers More Than 100 New Marine Species Off Bermuda

New York Post, 8 May 2018

100 new species discovered in Bermuda ‘Twilight Zone’

Imarest, 7 May 2018

Discovery of 100+ new species around Bermuda confirms a new zone in the ocean

Inquistr, 7 May 2018

Oxford University Confirms Their Exciting Discovery Of A Completely New Ocean Zone In Bermuda

The Telegraph, 7 May 2018

100 species discovered as scientists find new ocean zone

The Royal Gazette, 7 May 2018
New marine species discovered off Bermuda

Oceanographic, 12 April 2018

Journeying to the deep

Geographical Magazine, 27 February 2018

Into the blue

European Coral Reef Symposium 2017, 31 December 2017

Inside perspectives on volunteer and citizen science

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The UN Starts a Conservation Treaty for the High Seas

Natural History Museum, 7 December 2017

Just how bad is the world's plastic problem?

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