The Nekton Story

Exploration has driven human progress. Humankind is poised to make its next giant leap: into the deep ocean. With new technological developments, we now have the opportunity to discover more of our planet in the next 10 years than the last 10,000 years of human history.

The deep ocean – beneath 200m (656 ft) – is the beating heart of our planet and its largest and most vital ecosystem, yet we don’t fully understand how it functions or how healthy it is. Less than 5% of the ocean is comprehensively monitored, and at least a staggering 95% remains unexplored.

We do know that human activity has disrupted the deep ocean and is damaging its ability to support life. The resulting changes directly impact us all on many levels, affecting our climate, our food security, our livelihoods, our homes, our natural resources, and even the very air we breathe. We still have an opportunity to change course before we cross multiple points of no return.

Nekton’s purpose is to explore the depths of the ocean to reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind.

Millions of species are yet to be discovered. New cures for diseases are to be found. The ocean’s potential for sustainable development can be unlocked. The power of ocean data can be realized. The origins of life itself are within our grasp.

When we journey into the unknown, we move forward.

We aim to help change our knowledge and understanding of the world’s ocean to speed up the protection and governance of our last great wilderness, the deep ocean.

We are catalysts. We undertake targeted activities across two major areas of operations: Innovations and Missions. Our investments into Innovations currently include ocean data, machine learning to accelerate analysis and marine research technologies. Our Missions are co-developed hand-in-hand with host nations and combine scientific research, capacity development, ocean governance and public engagement.

We work in partnership across all of our work. The Nekton Alliance unites leading organisations from marine science, subsea technology, media, education and civil society with a common goal to explore and conserve the ocean.

We are Nekton.

nek · ton | -tuh n noun – Zoology

‘Aquatic animals that are able to swim and move independently of water currents.’