About Nekton Education

Deep-ocean manned submersible expeditions are the perfect vehicles to increase young people’s knowledge and interest in the ocean. By taking advantage of new technologies in the field and in the classroom, we give young people direct experience of the process of discovery, and provide an inspirational introduction to scientific learning and to the blue planet itself.

Nekton’s educational programme has a number of key components:

  • Ocean Ambassador Programme: We create regional networks of local scientists who participate in Nekton Missions and are trained to be become marine science role models and deliver a series of schools’ outreach workshops.
  • Educational Resources: We produce and distribute locally relevant educational resources with our partner Encounter Edu anchored around Submarine STEM.
  • Government Engagement: We work with educational departments of the governments where we operate to help facilitate the inclusion of ocean related content and marine science in their curricula.
  • Live Education: In order to scale education outreach of our Missions, we broadcast and simulcast live expedition events based around Submarine STEM.

Our educational programmes are all delivered hand in hand with local marine scientists, schools, and educational Ministries in all our countries of operations and are designed to leave a lasting local legacy.