Submarine STEM Activity Booklet

Activity Booklet

The Submarine STEM Activity Booklet contains a series of six 'mission' activities for families and children to explore the science of the Nekton Missions. It also contains background information about submersible exploration and deep sea environments. We hope you enjoy these activities as you work your way to becoming a Submarine Explorer!

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Deep sea life cards

The Deep sea life cards are used as part of 'Mission 2: Marine Biologist' in the Submarine STEM  Activity Booklet. The cards are designed to give an overview of some of the life in the deep sea and how different animals are linked. Instructions for this activity can be found in the Activity Booklet.

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Deep ocean poster

Find out more about the different layers in the ocean, underwater exploration and deep sea life with this Deep ocean poster. 

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Voyage map poster

Follow the expedition using this Voyage map poster. 

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Submarine Explorer certificate

Complete each of the Submarine STEM activities to earn your Submarine Explorer certificate. Color in each badge as you earn it, or download the badges below.

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Submarine STEM explorer badges

Successfully completing one of the Submarine STEM activities earns you a badge. Download the different badges below.

Mission 1: Mission Director: Download now

Mission 2: Marine Biologist: Download now

Mission 3: Submarine Pilot: Download now

Mission 4: ROV Scientist: Download now

Mission 5: Ocean Mapper: Download now

Mission 6: Submarine Engineer: Download now