Planning: at the invitation of the Government of Seychelles, in-country meetings with the main implementing partners conducted in July 2018, under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change (MEECC) to define the scientific, policy, engagement and knowledge exchange objectives and outcomes.

Science Workshop: In-country science and knowledge exchange planning workshop conducted in October 2018 with stakeholders from 13 organisations to create the implementing strategy.


Grants: In partnership with the Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT), the Deep Blue Grants Fund launched to enable 10 Seychellois scientists to participate in the field research and others to undertake related research. Further details on the Grants.

Fellowships: Two Seychellois scientists were awarded the Africa in Oxford Fellowships (AfOx) to support development of research activities, leadership and networks. Watch: Jennifer Appoo, Sheena Talma.

Taxonomic workshop:In August 2019, 13 taxonomic experts from across the globe, attended a workshop at South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB) to accelerate the identification of species discovered and provide 9 lectures to support training of 10 Seychelles scientists and early career researchers. Read the SAIAB workshop report.

Seychelles Skills Workshop: Skills workshop covering video analysis, science communications and scientific writing. The topics chosen by Seychelles stakeholders and delivered by international experts.

Co-production of scientific papers and reference materials: Currently in production in collaboration with Seychellois scientists.


Analysis: scientists from Seychelles collaborating with international partners to undertake joint analysis and publication (completed end of 2020).

Science Results Symposium (date TBC): National ocean symposium presenting data, publications, reports and films from the Mission to the Government, partners and general public.

Identification guide (in development):The vast quantity of footage that is collected on expeditions is being converted into a series of easy to use Identifications Guides for members of scientists and the public (including translations to national languages to increase accessibility).

Media Engagement: Seychellois scientists are the heart of all activities in national, regional and international media during field operations (watch: ‘Stephanie – the first Seychellois Aquanaut), international news coverage, a global documentary series and the first subsea Presidential Address (Read: "I delivered an underwater speech to protect the oceans. Here’s Why. (Washington Post Editorial)"

Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC)– partnership with the national broadcaster to share and broadcast content and documentaries about the Mission – with archive file shared for free use in perpetuity.

Poster for schools/community (in development):Posters generated to portray the main results of the expedition and disseminated in schools and the community as a teaching/learning tool.

Data & Specimens: all data and specimens will be owned and vested by Seychelles.