Protection 30 X 30: 3 nations committed to and implementing ambitious plans for ocean protection and sustainable ocean governance providing the economic, political and scientific case for a resilient and prosperous Indian Ocean and sustainable blue economy.

Political Leadership: 3 Heads of State uniting to galvanise a regional strategy for 30 x 30.

Scientific knowledge: 60+ scientific papers incl. on biodiversity, fisheries, climate change and pollution creating a new baseline of marine life and human activities to inform the scientific consensus on the State of the Indian Ocean.

Galvanizing ocean conservation awareness amongst the host nations, across the Indian Ocean and internationally to generate the public mandate for political action.

Network of Innovation and Excellence: a cadre of Indian Ocean leaders with capacity, skills and knowledge across marine science, ocean conservation and management, ocean literacy and public and political engagement to support the implementation of 30 x 30.

Regional Marine Spatial Plan: an accurate and cost-effective marine spatial plan for the entire Indian Ocean region including 30% protection (in EEZs and High Seas).