Knowledge Exchange

Co-creation of science objectives & outcomes:

  • In-country meetings to understand national priorities and define the science, knowledge exchange, education and engagement goals of the joint Expedition.
  • Planning workshops in-country with Bermudian stakeholders to create the joint science research framework, determine priorities research locations, primary scientific questions and roles and responsibilities

Joint research and skills exchange

  • Field Research: 14 July - 15th August 2016.
  • 6 Science Grants
  • 13 different research tools deployed, 400+submarine hours underwater,
  • Pioneered new scientific adaptations for submersibles and divers including water sampling and stereo-video systems.
  • Scientists from a dozen different research institutes participate.
  • Taxonomic Acceleration Workshop (Bermuda): November 2016

Joint analysis, publication, engagement and presentation of results

  • Data Analysis of 40,000 specimens and samples, 240 video transects and 92miles of geophysical data.
  • Global media and education engagement working hand-in-hand with the Bermuda Government Department of the Environment & Natural Resources, Department of Education, Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS), Bermuda Tourism Board, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI), CITV (Bermuda National Broadcaster), Bermuda Royal Gazette and schools across Bermuda.
  • Publication (2016-2019) working with Bermuda Natural History Museum and BIOS. 17 publications in 24months. See publications
  • Presentation of Results to Bermudian public: May 2018
  • Presentations of Data to Government of Bermuda: May 2018
  • Papers available open access from 2017
  • Global launch of UNESCO’s ‘World Heritage in the High Seas’ from the Mission in Bermuda.
  • With partners XL-Catlin, helped create and launch the Ocean Risk Summit, May 2018 in Bermuda.
  • Launch of Submarine STEM educational programme with resources distributed freely to all schools in Bermuda.