Mission Partners


For over 170 years OMEGA has delivered products synonymous with excellence, innovation and precision. In addition to partnerships in golf, sailing, athletics and swimming, OMEGA has served as Official Timekeeper at 28 Olympic Games. The Swiss brand's impressive roster of brand ambassadors includes some of the most famous names in film, sport, fashion and exploration. And its watches have been to extraordinary places - from the lunar surface to the depths of the ocean.

Kensington Tours

Founded in 2008 by Jeff Willner, a member of The Explorers Club and Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, Kensington Tours creates custom-tailored privately guided travel experiences in the world’s greatest places – land or sea. Designed by skilled Destination Experts and fit to suit our travelers’ needs and interests, a Kensington tour is always a perfect fit. Kensington is proud to serve as a launch partner for Nekton’s upcoming missions into the Indian Ocean and to support Nekton’s endeavours to promote science, education, and understanding of the world’s hidden depths. Kensington Tours are also a Founding Partner of Nekton.