Capacity Development & Grants

Increasing local and regional and international capacity play a vital role in accelerating the sustainable governance and development of the ocean.

Our goal in every Mission is to create a local and regional legacy of ongoing ocean research and effective stewardship that creates a step-change in scientific productivity, inter-disciplinary expertise, and collaboration across marine science, conservation and ocean policy.

Nekton’s capacity development initiatives include:

  • Nekton Grants for local, regional and international scientists to participate in the Missions, and support analysis and publication (further details below).
  • Project Investment: Specific investments in initiatives that accelerate scientific discovery and/or sustainable ocean governance with the potential to deliver exponential change; leverage existing grants and investments; and involve multidisciplinary scientific partnerships and cross-industry collaborations.
  • Mission Participation: Local, regional and international scientists participating in Nekton’s field work, including training in the deployment of the latest scientific tools including robotic and human operated vehicles, and working to the new standardised framework for marine research.
  • Taxonomic workshops held in host countries post-Mission to accelerate taxonomic identification of collected specimens.
  • Regional Ocean Ambassadors: Outreach training and resources for local scientists to become leading Ambassadors for their region including public engagement through the media, schools and government.


Nekton’s Grant Programme is designed to unleash scientists, their creativity and capacity to investigate how the ocean is changing. Scientists are positively encouraged to explore critical frontiers of marine research that support ocean prioritization, literacy and governance.

Grants combine funding with the provision of free participation on expeditions (with access to vessels, submersibles, lab space and scientific equipment), along with support for local public outreach initiatives and publication efforts for up to one year after an expedition. In part, the Grants also provide local and regional scientists with outreach training and resources to create networks of regional Ocean Ambassadors. Our aim is to connect and multiply the effects of essential funding and rapidly expand the reach and impact of scientists and their organisations.

Application for participation in Nekton’s Capacity Development Initiatives and Grants is by invitation only. You are welcome to register your interest for the Indian Ocean Mission 2018-2021 with a resume and a short letter to [email protected].