Ocean Governance

Ocean governance is inextricably linked to ocean science. To catalyse improved sustainable management of the ocean requires actionable datasets, technical policy reports, and new management tools based on the latest scientific research.

Nekton’s research creates targeted, actionable and open data to inform local, regional and global policies to increase ocean protection and improve management.

Nekton works in partnership with local and regional organisations to improve the sustainable governance of the oceans where we operate.

Our activities include:

  • Field Research: Participation of ocean managers and decision makers in field research (including on submersible dives).
  • Major policy events related to environmental governance and, management held in each host country to share and engage stakeholders with the actionable datasets, technical policy reports and regional marine management tools.
  • Regional marine management tools, including regional taxonomic ID guides to benthic and pelagic species, distributed to all local and regional scientific, business, government and civil society partners
  • Senior bilateral briefings with key decision makers of each nation to present key data and scientific recommendations and opportunities for improved sustainable management.
  • Open-access data harvested by OCTOPUS (The Ocean Tool for Public Understanding and Science).