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Nekton Mission 1: XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey, 2016-2018

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1. Gress E, Andradi-Brown DA, Woodall L, Schofield PJ, Stanley K, Rogers AD. (2017) Lionfish (Pterois spp.) invade the upper-bathyal zone in the western Atlantic. PeerJ5:e3683

Lionfish, a predatory reef fish defended with needle-sharp venomous spines, are naturally found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. They were released by people into the western Atlantic Ocean, where they've rapidly spread, eating many of the native fish and so causing major coral reef damage. Currently governments are trying to manage lionfish populations by encouraging control programmes, yet these are focused on shallow reefs. Our work shows that these invasive lionfish are going into the deep sea in many locations in the western Atlantic, raising alarm that lionfish control programmes need to think about managing these deeper populations to improve their effectiveness.

A further 16 scientific papers are being finalised and submitted throughout 2017 for peer review. On publication, all details will appear here.

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