• Bermuda
  • Gully Marine Protected Area (Nova Scotia, Canada)
  • Sargasso Sea

Our first mission has four major objectives:

Scientific Discovery - Deep Ocean Health Index 

Nekton will conduct the XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey – a multi-disciplinary scientific research mission to assess the health of the deep ocean. Our primary objective is to create a standardised methodology of physical, chemical and biological indicators that can be used by marine biologists to evaluate the function, health and resilience of the deep ocean. Assessment of the results and peer-reviewed studies will be published and disseminated among scientists world-wide to encourage ongoing deep ocean health research around the world.

Storytelling - Bringing the Deep Ocean to Life Nekton’s mission will inspire new global audiences. We will deploy the latest 360-degree and virtual reality underwater cameras to document the voyages of Nekton’s aquanauts into our planet’s last great frontier. Stories about all aspects of the mission will run in national and international media across broadcast, print, radio, online and social media. 

Education – Bringing Exploration & Science into the World’s Classrooms  The ocean continues to be overlooked in science and geography syllabuses compared to terrestrial ecosystems and space exploration. Nekton will launch a new educational programme - Submarine STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) - focusing on our iconic Triton Submersibles and supported by dynamic 360-degree video and other cutting-edge media content. More than one million school children and young adults will be educated about ocean science.

Impact – Trigger Policy Changes to Increase Ocean Protection   For the sake of all our futures, the deep ocean needs to become a priority for policy makers. New scientific data and media impact will motivate political, legal, and economic decision-makers around the world to press for changes in ocean policy. Key ocean conservation groups include: International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC4), Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organisation (NAFO), IUCN’s World Conservation Congress, Our Ocean (Secretary Kerry, USA).