The ocean must thrive for the Earth to survive.

Our mission is to protect the ocean, for all our planet’s life and for ourselves - because our existence depends on the ocean’s health.

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The Need

Protecting the ocean is in all of our interests. It’s fundamental to the planet’s and our survival because this is Planet Ocean more than it is Planet Earth.

The majority of our ocean remains unknown. But we now have the technology to discover more of our ocean in the next 10 years that we did in the last 10,000. When we know what’s there, we can better protect it, for people and the planet.

Why We Exist

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01 July 2021

Five Years of Nekton

Five years ago, in 2016, we brought scientists and journalists together to help protect the sea.

Since our first Mission to Bermuda, we’ve helped to protect an area of ocean over twice the size of Germany. We’ve helped discover the Rariphotic Zone, one of the largest new ecosystems found on Earth in decades. And our journeys of scientific discovery – by our aquanauts - have become inspirational stories of human endeavour.


Our client is the ocean. We undertake Missions and Initiatives - driven by urgency, curiosity and the determination to use the knowledge we gain about the ocean, to serve people and our planet.

Through our missions and initiatives, we commit to:

  • Act with urgency to protect the ocean.
  • Work with ocean nations to put control of their ocean in their hands.
  • Increase knowledge through applied research and to share it.
  • Contribute to ocean conservation policy locally and globally.
  • To inspire people through public engagement.

Latest News

30 June 2022

Dr Lucy Woodall gave a hard hitting message on the Seabed 2030 panel discussion at the UN Ocean conference

The event looked at the benefits of ocean mapping from a global perspective, and explored how mapping data is essential to supporting the UN SDG 14 and Decade outcomes.

29 June 2022

Oliver Steeds OBE on the panel discussion at the Great Blue Wall event at the UN Ocean Conference.

The success of the Great Blue Wall will also be borne by the event also showcased the Western Indian Ocean – Resilience and Prosperity Initiative (WIO-RPI).

06 June 2022

The Explorers Club World Oceans Week

On 6th June Nekton's Science and Knowledge Exchange Programme Manager Sheena Talma took part, alongside some phenomenal speakers, in the Explorers Club Big Ideas event

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The Alliance

We work with an Alliance of dozens of partners - from science to civil society, from media to government, from business to philanthropy - who share our purpose to explore and protect the ocean, for people and the planet.

Our Mission Partners are both trailblazers in their field, bringing their skills and expertise to help lead our journey.

Omega has pledged to make time for the planet and has a long heritage of supporting ocean exploration. They have a long history of pushing at the boundaries of what is possible supporting space and ocean endeavours.

Kensington Tours has created award-winning private-guided trips for discerning travelers for over a decade. They are proud to support Nekton’s endeavours to promote science, education, and understanding of the world’s hidden depths.

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