The ocean must thrive for the Earth to survive.

Our mission is to protect the ocean, for all our planet’s life and for ourselves - because our existence depends on the ocean’s health.

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The Nekton Maldives Mission is the first systematic discovery and documentation of ocean life in Maldives from the surface to 1000 metres.

In partnership with the Government of Maldives, the Mission is helping to create extensive new marine protected areas and ensure the ocean continues to protect and provide for the Maldivian people.

During field research the team discovered a new ecosystem, The Trapping Zone.

About the Mission

Latest News

17 August 2023

Artistry Meets Science: Artist-at-Sea Participants Contribute to #MicroplasticDynamics Expedition with the Ocean Rising Initiative

Pei-Wen Jin and Shan Hua are Artist-at-Sea participants on the #MicroplasticDynamics expedition, working alongside researchers on R/V Falkor (too) as part of Ocean Rising

12 July 2023

Plastic pollution on the world's coral reefs.

In the most comprehensive survey of plastic pollution on coral reefs to date, researchers find troubling signs of human impact and promising strategies to ramp up protections.

29 June 2023

Jenny Packham's latest collection on Vogue Runway inspired by Ocean Rising

The Ocean Rising initiative, a collaborative effort between the Schmidt Ocean Institute​​​ and Nekton, has become a source of inspiration for fashion designer Jenny Packham​.

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Missions: We work with ocean nations to undertake multi-year expeditions to establish marine protected areas. These ‘Missions’ combine marine research at sea, public and political engagement and knowledge exchange programmes that lead to policy implementation.

Initiatives: From international ocean policy interventions to innovating ocean story-telling, and from making private vessels available to science to combatting Parachute Science, we undertake innovative projects with targeted outcomes to meet the needs of our client, the ocean.

The Alliance

We work with an Alliance of dozens of partners - from science to civil society, from media to government, from business to philanthropy - who share our purpose to explore and protect the ocean, for people and the planet.

Our Maldives Mission Partners - led by Omega - are trailblazers in their field, bringing their skills and expertise to help lead our journey.

Omega has pledged to make time for the planet and has a long heritage of supporting ocean exploration. They have a long history of pushing at the boundaries of what is possible supporting space and ocean endeavours.

Kensington Tours has created award-winning private-guided trips for discerning travellers for over a decade. They are proud to support Nekton’s endeavours to promote science, education, and understanding of the world’s hidden depths.

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Strategic Partners:

Official Subsea Technology Partner
Offical News Agency Partner
Official Apparel Partner
Official ROV Partner
Official Tourism Partner
Research and Technology Partner

Collaborating Partners:

Government of Maldives
Commonwealth Blue Charter
Academic Partner
Maldives Marine Research Institute
Subsea Technology Partner
Submersible Partner
Submersible Partners
Maritime Security Partner
Education Partner
Education Partner
Great Campaign & UK Governmant & FCDO
Expedition Logistics
Institutional Partner
Alfametal: Specialist Engineering
IUCN Maldives
Noo Raajje
blue marine foundation
Small Island Research Group
Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme
Maldives Coral Institute
Manta Air
International Pole & Line Foundation
Maldives Resilient Reefs

Founding Partners of Nekton