The Nekton Alliance consists of organisations from philanthropy, business, media and civil society who are pathfinders in the exploration and conservation of the deep ocean.

Alliance partners work together to provide and aggregate resources to undertake Nekton’s Missions collaborating to support scientific research, capacity development, ocean policy, technology innovation and public engagement.


We are looking for new partners who share our common purpose and passion to explore and conserve the ocean through:

  1. Sponsorship and branding partnerships
  2. Philanthropic and grant funding
  3. Research vessel and subsea technology partnerships
  4. Scientific and academic partnerships
  5. Ocean policy, governance and stewardship partnerships
  6. Media, education and outreach partnerships
  7. Technology and equipment partnerships

Partnership benefits include:

  • Brand Association: in a pioneering, once-in-a-generation global initiative of frontier exploration, technology, innovation, public engagement and education, underpinned with brand alignment with world leading institutions and thought-leaders.
  • Pioneering Research: Leading and participating in innovative research programmes on the state of the deep ocean including across climate change, sea-level rise, pollution, resource exploitation, seabed mapping, acidification and carbon cycling, biodiversity.
  • Technology: Product development and testing, direct mission participation, cross-industry collaboration to enhance existing technologies and pioneer new ideas.
  • Catalysing Policy: Increasing the protection and sustainable management of the ocean.
  • Education: Delivering STEM-based ocean science programmes and live educational events integrated within national curricula.
  • Proprietary Content: Access to original media content for unique PR and marketing initiatives.
  • Global Media Footprint: Partner presence across broadcast, digital and print through Nekton’s channels and international network of media partners.
  • Multi-Audience Engagement: Relevant positioning and engagement for Alliance partners with industry, media, celebrity influencers, NGOs, academia, education and the general public.
  • Direct Experiences: Including Mission participation, unique industry and ocean events, corporate entertainment and personnel development.
  • Realisation of Corporate Social Responsibility: Through investments in global environmental and marine research, policy, and education.
  • Multi-year Programme: Opportunities to develop long-term activation and return on investment.

Please do contact us if you would like to learn more about joining the Nekton Alliance, and how we develop flexible and mutually beneficial partnership options that achieve the goals your looking for.