Ocean Rising, a joint venture by the Schmidt Ocean Institute and Nekton, seeks to foster a deeper connection between humanity, culture and the ocean. Its goal is to seamlessly integrate the arts, fashion, sports, music, gaming, film, social media, literature, and cuisine with the mesmerizing realm beneath the waves, thereby cultivating a new wave of ocean advocates.

Ocean Rising endeavours to instil a sense of awe for the undersea world, inspiring collective efforts towards its conservation, through the means of culture.

The Ocean Rising Alliance

The Ocean Rising Alliance is a united coalition of partners from diverse cultural spheres, dedicated to fostering ocean empathy and advocacy through their projects.

If you're eager to captivate your audience with the wonders of the ocean, we invite you to join us in this mission.

Current Ocean Rising Projects

Multiple projects are currently underway. These include the imminent debut of an Ocean-inspired collection by a prominent fashion label, musicians participating in deep-sea research voyages to infuse their music with newfound inspiration, and workshops designed to educate game developers and writers on the ocean's vital role.

There are plenty more projects in development - watch this space.

Need some inspiration?

Here are five different industries that we are looking at encouraging to join our mission:

  • Arts
  • Broadcast media
  • Social media
  • Gaming
  • Business & industry

Every sector contributes significantly to the formation of our diverse cultures and influences human conduct.

Our aspiration is capture the public's imagination with the ocean, not only raising awareness of its challenges but also involving them in the creation of inventive and motivating aquatic solutions.


Ocean Rising White Paper: Recommendations on Inspiring the Public

World Economic Forum Article on Inspiring People to Feel Connected to the Ocean

Join Us

To find out more or get involved, please contact us at [email protected]

We can help with innovative concepts, engaging content, access to ocean experts, captivating visuals, and a wealth of additional resources.