We gain strength from the sum of our parts, from 60+ organisations working together for our one client, the ocean. Our Missions and Initiatives are carried out in partnership with ocean nations - not imposed nor restricted, but shared with the whole world. We jointly develop and jointly deliver everything we do to meet their national conservation priorities.

We work with our Alliance of Partners to provide funding and state-of-the-art technologies, bringing together international teams and expertise to support our collective endeavours.

Applied Research to inform policy

  • Gathering data to drive the better management of the seas.
  • Setting priorities for conservation and protection.
  • Establish scientific baselines so the ocean’s health can be monitored.
  • Publishing research that everyone can access and act upon.
  • Matching marine scientists with private vessels to enable research.

Knowledge Exchange to create a legacy for ocean nation partners to support long-term governance

  • Grants for marine research and conservation.
  • Participation and leadership in field research.
  • Training across research, technology, ocean management and taxonomy and workshops with international experts.
  • Co-producing knowledge-sharing publications and conservation tools
  • Fellowships for early career scientists to University of Oxford and academic partners.

Award winning communications and public engagement to inspire local, regional and international audiences

  • Amplifying ocean stories and innovative story-telling including pioneering world first submersible broadcasting technologies.
  • Our expeditions create platforms that bring the ocean to the world through broadcast, social media and print
  • Establishing stronger public mandates for political action
  • Creating new cadres of Ocean Leaders from ocean nations on global platforms.
  • Magnifying sustainable ocean tourism to support national economies