Protecting the ocean is in all of our interests. It’s fundamental to the planet’s survival because this is Planet Ocean more than it is Planet Earth.

To make a difference, we need to do things differently, including innovating how we tell the story of the ocean.

At Nekton we amplify ocean conservation stories through the shared excitement of exploration and discovery, often broadcast in real time (see Subsea Broadcasting)

Our educational programme - Submarine STEM - brings the ocean to the classroom, providing free learning resources and live events, including from beneath the ocean’s surface.

Our Missions create platforms to bring the ocean to the world through live broadcast events, with strong social media and wide press appeal.

With our partnership with Associated Press, the largest news agency globally, we are able to guarantee international news coverage of our missions and scientific discoveries.

Our Voice of the Maldives Campaign 2022 campaign told the story of the Maldives, amplifying the voice of Maldivian scientists, conservationists and policy makers in national and international news and across social media:

  • 2900+ broadcast, print and digital content features / articles etc including 129 features in Maldives
  • 283 broadcasters
  • 1168 digital and print publishers
  • 120+ countries
  • 19.6m social media engagement

We don't only speak and act for the ocean when we are at sea. We hold workshops, webinars and events; write publications and news articles; produce podcasts, video content, and engaging social media to inspire and inform the public about how the ocean connects us all.

Our work has received global critical acclaim and awards including The Ocean Award for Public Engagement in 2020, Royal Television Society Award 2020 for broadcast innovation, and the International Broadcasting Award 2020 with IBC).