Bermuda: following presentations of baseline data and policy recommendations to the Government, Bermuda committed to protecting at least 20% of their ocean territory. Marine spatial planning began in 2020.

New Protected Areas: the Mission’s transect data from the Kelvin Seamount on habitat and species presence was utilised by NW Atlantic Fisheries Organisation to increase protection of the area.

Regional and global policy: a series of actionable datasets from the Mission were used to inform policy development including with the UN’s Law of the Sea, UN High Sea Implementing Agreement UN Convention on Climate Change and North Atlantic Fisheries Organisations.

Applied Research

A series of ground-breaking scientific discoveries were made include including:

  • Discovery of the Rariphotic Zone - based on the discovery of 100+ species new to science in Bermudian mesophotic depths (50m-300m) ranging from very small (e.g. tanaid) to far larger charismatic animals (e.g. Black Coral - 2m high). This level of endemism across multiple different taxa has never been recorded before at these depths.
  • Discovery of the first evidence of a 5million year old bio-geographical link that demonstrates evolutionary connectivity between Bermuda and Australasia.
  • Discovery of a wide range of species new to Bermuda and the rediscovery of a sea-star, not seen in Bermuda for almost 100years.
  • Documenting deepest recorded evidence of Lionfish globally – revealing the spread of this invasive species deeper into the ocean than previously known.

20 scientific peer-reviewed papers published open access from 2017, See publications

Publication of the first standardized multi-disciplinary framework for marine research (piloted during the Mission) was co-authored by 16 leading international marine scientists and launched at the Our Ocean Conference in 2017. The General Ocean Survey & Sampling Iterative Protocol (GOSSIP) is now being promoted globally.

Public Engagement & Communications

  • Deepest Live Radio & Comedy Show: and a record breaking deepest live radio show ever broadcast with Sirius XM including guests from the Daily Show and others.
  • Extensive global Tier 1 media coverage with BBC, Telegraph, New Scientist, Guardian, Sky News, Forbes, PBS, Geographical, Sirius XM, and Huffington Post.
  • Sky Ocean Rescue Global Campaign: Sky’s coverage from the Mission was acknowledged as the spark and galvanizing force that inspired the creation of the Sky Ocean Rescue Campaign that was launched in January 2017.
  • Bermuda Documentary: Co-production of a documentary about the Mission with Bermuda’s national broadcaster CITV and broadcasted during the America’s Cup.
  • World-class content: Content highlights include 11 x video reports, 10 X 360 films.
  • Submarine STEM: Launch of new educational programme distributed freely to all schools in Bermuda. Reaching an estimated 1 million young people globally. Content includes lesson plans, 9 new educational films and dynamic 360 films.
  • Major ocean events: dozens of keynote speeches at major events globally showcasing the Mission and Bermuda including at UN’s COP22, World Conservation Congress (opened by President Obama), Our Ocean (hosted by Secretary John Kerry), Blue Ocean Film Festival, Royal Geographical Society, Oxford Martin School, London Night of Adventure and others.

Knowledge Exchange

  • Grants: 6 grants for Bermudian and regional scientists to participate in field research and subsequent joint analysis and publication.
  • Taxonomic Workshop: a dozen international experts participated with scientists involved in field operations to analyse samples gathered during the expedition and provide training.
  • UNESCO Global Launch: Managed and delivered the global launch of UNESCO’s World Heritage in the High Seas Programme from the Mission in Bermuda.
  • Ocean Risk Summit: With partners XL-Catlin, we helped to create the Ocean Risk Summit, May 2018 in Bermuda.