• Fellowships: Two Seychellois scientists were awarded the Africa in Oxford Fellowships (AfOx) to support development of research activities, leadership and networks. Watch: Jennifer Appoo, Sheena Talma.
  • Science Results Symposium : National ocean symposium presenting data, publications, reports and films from the Mission to the Government, partners and general public.
  • Identification guide: The vast quantity of footage collected on expeditions was converted into a series of easy to use Identification Guides for scientists and the public (including translations to national languages to increase accessibility).
  • Media Engagement: Seychellois scientists were the heart of all activities in national, regional and international media during field operations (Watch: ‘Stephanie – The First Seychellois Aquanaut), international news coverage, and the first subsea Presidential Address (Washington Post Editorial)"
  • Data & Specimens: all data and specimens owned and vested by Seychelles.