Marine Biodiversity

Nekton led and coordinated a strategic review of the status of marine biodiversity research and taxonomy.

Four working groups were established with over 100 international experts contributing across:

  1. Marine Science (including taxonomy)
  2. Data and digitisation
  3. Public engagement
  4. Capacity development

Recommendations including programmes, projects and targeted activities across five major areas were identified including:

  • To accelerate the discovery of marine biodiversity
  • To catalyse conservation of marine biodiversity
  • To harness marine biodiversity data and equitable use for the common good
  • To inspire the public and policy makers with the story of marine biodiversity
  • To build human capacity with an inclusive legacy across all ocean nations (high-, middle, and low-income nations)

Read more: Discovering marine biodiversity in the 21st Century, Advances in Marine Biology, November 2022.

The strategic review and recommendations provided the basis for an extensive feasibility study to inform the creation of a new multiyear, global initiative to support marine biodiversity.

Supported by: The Nippon Foundation (2021-2023)