Often one of the greatest challenges for marine scientists is access to the sea to undertake their research. Traditional research vessels are often unavailable, expensive to run, or in the wrong location, making it difficult for many research projects to take place.

Yachts for Science is a program by Nekton, Arksen, BOAT International, EYOS Expeditions, and the Ocean Family Foundation. The goal is to bring together private vessel owners and crew with marine scientists, researchers and content creators to provide access to the ocean.

Thousands of privately-owned vessels above 24 metres often have spare berths or downtime between private use or charter which could be used to support marine scientists as platforms for research. It is becoming more and more common for sailing races, yacht owners and charterers to combine their adventures with serious scientific learning and research leading to unforgettable experiences out at sea.

Yachts for Science is a platform for private vessel owners to connect with scientists of research projects which we review for their merit, through open access results, clear outcomes, and strong connections with local scientists and communities in the proposed area of study.

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